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Explainer Video
Globitex introduces a digital currency exchange allowing everyone to trade commodities and money market instruments for Bitcoin. The existing institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities will scale into a global spot and derivatives trading venue. It will allow producers to purchase exchange listed products for Bitcoin, and trading firms and speculators to hedge their risks in Bitcoin with derivatives trading. This will therefore increase the use cases for Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and ultimately establish Bitcoin as a unit of account suitable for global trade, with no geographic, political or monetary restrictions.
White Paper
  • BETA Launch of Globitex Bitcoin Exchange
  • Globitex ICO Announcement
  • Launch of Bitcoin Cash Trading, Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Partnership with Electronic Money Institution
  • Globitex GBX Token Sale
  • Open Public Launch of Globitex Services
  • Launch of Additional Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs
  • Launch of Additional Fiat Trading Pairs
  • REPO (Margin) Trading Launch
  • OTF (organised trading facility) Licensing
  • BIBOR (bitcoin inter-broker offered rate) Launch
  • Listing of Bitcoin Settled Commodity Futures
  • Listing of Bitcoin Priced Globitex Commodity Index - GCOM
  • Physically Deliverable Precious Metals
  • Listing of Cryptocurrency Futures, Swaps and Vanilla Options
  • Physically Deliverable Other Commodities